The best make up is Your Smile!

“The best make up is your smile. There is no beauty like the one that comes from inside of you”

“Beauty is not about mere appearances. True beauty comes from the inside. The more you show who you are, the more beautiful you will be”

Although this is absolutely true I wanted to share a Carpe Diem moment I had some time ago. One of my best friends invited me for a make-up workshop. What a lovely present! ;)

We put on primer, concealer, foundation, blush and yes, also some face powder. :) Got tricks to hide small imperfections.We experimented with colors depending on our skin tone: warm or cool. Learned which colors flatter most and will let our eyes sparkle more and finally how to get a perfect smokey eye look. Although I felt like I was in a painting workshop :) I liked it very much!

Isn’t it true that make-up make make us feel more confident? Beauty doesn’t last forever but a beautiful personality does. Maybe we should go to a personality workshop next time :) Happy Weekend! xxx