3 “Keep it Simple” Basics

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

When I look up the meaning of the word “Simple”  in a random dictionary it says: easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty. I also found synonyms like straightforward, uncomplicated and child’s play.

I was surprised to see that ‘child’s play’ was mentioned. It reminded me that children can be happy for no reason. It’s definitely something we tend to do less when we get older – and we should definitely keep doing this! Small things, little gestures and tiny happenings will make you happy and lift your mood … if you give them a chance.

Last weekend I started with a very inspiring 16-day NLP Practitioner training. I honestly could write at least 10 posts about my reflections, insights and personal experience so far ;-), but what comes up in my mind first is to share with you 3  “Keep it Simple” basics.  

1. Don’t fix what’s not broken. Reuse what’s worked before.

If something is working adequately well for you, there’s is no reason to change it.  When you want something different then be prepared to do something about it.

2. Find out what works, and do more of it. 

Find out what makes you happy, successful or whatever, and do more of it. I promised myself to take the time the coming weeks to reflect on this and make a  list of what works for me in different contexts of life. 

3. If it’s not working, do something different.

Acknowledge that it’s not working for you. Try something different. Get creative, try someone else’s recommendation and take a look at the options and then trust your intuitive response. You know when something’s right for you.

Life, goals, businesses, relationships and everything in between are a journey. You’ll change, the people in the picture will change, the circumstances, rules, options and requirements will change. Change is a constant, so make sure that you’re constantly assessing what’s working and what’s not so that you can keep moving forward. It’s okay if things aren’t working, but don’t allow yourself to get stuck.

“Whatever makes you feel bad, leave it. Whatever makes you smile, keep it. :-)