Mystique Marrakech

Expect the unexpected – and this is exactly what you feel when you step inside a Riad – a typical Moroccan house. You can’ t imagine what little mystique paradises are hidden behind the colorful heavy doors when you walk around in the busy, sandy and hot Medina (the historical city) of Marrakech! From the moment I walked around in the Medina of Marrakech I felt I was stepping back in time. In only a 3 hours flight I was in a completely different world and culture. I loved this fantastic experience.

“Its labyrinth of  narrow streets (No Map seems to be able to describe this). The hectic traffic of people, motorbikes and horses. The out-of-control donkey carts. The colorful & impressive souks where you can buy whatever you want from leather slippers, leather poufs, strings of silver beads to bronze lamps. The ‘chemists’ with Ancient Berber cures for everything :) The smell of spices everywhere. Acrobats. Story-tellers. Mint tea with an overdose of sugar. The Djemaa el-Fna square with the BBQ stalls open up as soon as the sun goes down.  The overwhelming sights and hidden secrets  

As a picture speaks a thousand words…………..