Reflections on Happiness!

“Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering and doubting. Have Faith that things will work out, maybe not how you planned, but just how it’s meant to be!”

The last day of 2012. The sound of fireworks already started. Like every year I think about how the year was. Full of good and some bad memories. Mixed Emotions. As always I learned a lot about life and love. Every year is full ups and also some downs. It’s definitely part of life. It’s time for some reflections on Happiness.

I love this one: “This is your life. Do what you love, and do it often. If you don’t like something, change it. Stop overanalyzing, all emotions are beautiful. ;) Open your mind, arms and heart to new things and people, we are united in our differences. Some opportunities only come once, seize them. Life is short. Live your dream and wear your passion” <3

And I also really like ‘the 12 things Happy People do Differently‘ (by: Stephen Covey). For more details check the picture. I will definitely try doing some new things (more) in 2013. :)

#1 Express Gratitude #2 Cultivate Optimism #3 Avoid over-thinking and social comparison #4 Practice acts of Kindness #5 Nurture Social Relationships #6 Develop Strategies for Coping #7 Learn to forgive #8 Increase Flow experiences #9 Savor Life’s Joys #10 Commit to your Goals #11 Practice Spirituality #12 Take Care of your Body

I wish you all a wonderful New Year’s Eve! And a Happy 2013!