Make a Bad Day Better!

A Bad Day – for no particular reason. Except that it was Monday. :) And nothing went according to plan.  Even the weather was dreary, grey and rainy. Yesterday I had such a day!

It is very likely that we have all had at least one day where the universe seems to be conspiring against you.We don’t have control of most things that happen to us and around us. However,  we can control how we react to these moments. I’ve tried to just accept it was a bad day. Recognized that it is what it is and that there was nothing that I could do to change what happened.

But, how do we turn that bad day into something that is…for lack of a better word…better?

I decided to write down the things that make me happy…..anything that brings even the smallest dose of joy. A Happy List”. How simple can it be? ;) Smiling People, People that are laughing-out-loud, Happy Quotes and I wandered the internet for pictures that made me smile.

This shifted my perspective right away.  I realize that there is always a ton of good that just gets overshadowed by the bad sometimes. It’s the little things in life that make me smile! I hope you enjoy the Shiny Happy People as much as I do.