Happiness = a Day at the Beach

“A little sand between your toes…. Takes away your woes” 

Imagine walking on the beach. Digging your toes into the warm white sand. The cool breeze is gently blowing. The chirping of the birds flying around.The soft sugar white sand that is so clean and bright from the sun’s rays of light. In the background you can hear the waves crashing on the beach side. The seagulls are dipping in the ocean searching for the next meal. The warmth of the sun on your face!

This is certainly something I would love to do now! Spending some time at the beach. Not necessarily only in the Summer season. It makes me feel happier, more relaxed and energized.

Today we booked our Summer holiday. And I already started visualizing “my happy beach thoughts” … by collecting and being creative with pictures! Love it!