Let Go and Be Happy!

“One Day Your Life will Flash before Your Eyes. Make Sure it’s Worth Watching” I love this quote and it’s so absolutely true. Whatever our past was, it’s gone now. Nothing I do today will change anything that’s happened already.

So let’s focus our attention on what’s happening right now. Every day is a fresh opportunity. And we can make of it what we wish. This is absolutely easier said than done! ;)

Letting go is difficult. Letting go of people, expectations, ideas, desires, false beliefs. Every day presents an opportunity to create ourselves anew. And to shrug off the baggage of the past. Some days I do believe this, but on other days it’s more difficult. Knowing it and living it are two different things. Here is what helps me for letting go to get going:

1. Understand. Take time to reflect on your own history. No judgment. Simply observe. Understand that the situations, patterns and people in your life created your experiences.  They didn’t create you. Understanding creates awareness.

2. Accept. Accept your history. Accept your circumstances. Remember that none of these define you. Acceptance is the first step to letting go. Learn from what it taught you.

3. Empty the backpack. Actively work at letting go of your story. They don’t make you stronger. Speak about it with someone you trust. Once you let go of this story and empty ‘your backpack’ you will open up.

4. Help others. Find a way to making someone’s day better. Offering a smile to someone as you pass or do something else for someone. These simple actions can help you to put your situation into perspective.

5. Believe in yourself & Love. Believe in your purpose. Believe in yourself. Love yourself and others. Love this life. Have fun. Be playful, cheerful and positive.

I hope you like these inspiring quotes as much as I do! A Happy Weekend! xxx