How to Simplify Life!

“Nobody is going to Simplify Your life for you. You’ve got to Simplify things Yourself”

Last week I read an article in the Dutch magazine ‘Happinez’ about ‘the Richness of Simplicity’.  I immediately recognized a lot of things. What I liked most was that a solution is in fact quite simple. In the end we have to decide what is important ourselves, and get rid of everything that doesn’t. ;-)

Nowadays we definitely have a lot information at our disposal, every day we are bombarded with infinite choices in everything,  technology is evolving faster than our ability to adapt, we tend to work longer hours and – at least I believe – we have to be available almost any time and respond within no time to e-mails.

I believe we sometimes forget to remind ourselves to step back, breathe, and appreciate the simple things in life. I try to prioritize and make time for the things that matter most, and try to slow down when I recognize that I’m putting too much pressure on myself.

By the way, I deliberately say “I Try” as it doesn’t happen all the time and it isn’t a habit yet to do so. Therefore the “How to Simplify Life” Tips I like most:

1. Prioritize: Focus on what’s important to you, and let that guide your decisions in life, your purchases, and your activities. Aim to reduce from your life the things you don’t enjoy at the same time.

2.Relax & Take your time: Keep stress to a minimum. Make sure you make enough time to relax. Do pilates, dance or listen to music, or whatever activity you prefer. Take a day off from time to time. Don’t race through everything. “There is more in life then increasing its speed” (Quote by Mahatma Gandhi)

3. Do Less: Don’t try to do a million things a day. Pick the most important things to do. Make a realistic to do list. Everything else you do will be a bonus.

4. Spend Time Alone: We all need a little “me time.” Set aside some time every day to just relax and do something that you enjoy. Spending time alone is one of the best ways to recharge.

5. No is an Option: It’s okay to say no. Choose which activities to devote your time and energies. Only say yes to things you really want to do. Minimize the usage of  “I have to….”. Live Your Life!

6. Don’t Try to be Perfect: Your best is good enough. Remind yourself that it’s okay not to be perfect. Learn to ask for help.

7. Appreciate what you have: “Think of all the beauty still left around you and Be Happy!” (Quote by Anne Frank)

8. Learn to Laugh at Yourself: Life will go so much smoother and be so much more fun if you can laugh at yourself. If you don’t take yourself too seriously.

What are your thoughts about “How to Simplify Life”? And what do you think is most effective?