10 Tips to Stress Less & Live More

“Slow down. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life.” 

I have the flu since Saturday and my days were filled with chills, sweats, aching muscles. I had no energy for anything except staying in my bed. Fortunately today I am feeling more alive again :-).

Although everyone will get the flu from time to time, I do believe that everything happens for a reason. ‘Peace of mind‘ and  ‘stress‘ seem to be very popular topics the last days. Is that a coincidence? I received newsletters with subjects as ‘Low Stress day’ and ‘The Busy person’s guide to reducing Stress‘. These ‘signals’ reminded me of the busy and hectic past months.

So … to remind myself again “there is more in life than increasing its speed.” A perfect time to share some useful tips to stress less! There are undoubtedly 100s of things you can do, but as a start herewith the ones that are really having a positive & relaxing impact on me.

  1. Do or share something that makes you laugh!
  2. Do one thing at a time.
  3. Think progress, not perfection!
  4. Say NO when you need to.
  5. Cook a meal from scratch.
  6. Tell someone you love them.
  7. Play your favorite song.
  8. Do less by focusing exclusively on what’s important.
  9. Be proud of Who You Are!
  10. Celebrate when things go well.

Last but not least, if you are missing some tips and want to slow down right away – do take a look at “50 Ways to Take a Break” for lots of easy ‘immediate-go-do’ inspiration. :-)