10 Little Moments of Happiness – And they don’t even cost a thing.

“A good life is a collection of happy moments. Cherish your happy moments. They are closer then you think.” 

Enjoy the little things in life. In reality we don’t need much to be instantly happy! Life is filled with simple pleasures. What about hearing birds chirping in the morning when you wake up, or remember how you feel when the first rays of spring sun shine on your face, or what about staying and lounging outside until late with family or friends on a sultry summer evening.

In the moment that we experience these simplest pleasures, we are not thinking about our quest for happiness or worrying that we may never find it. We are simply enjoying the moment and feeling alive!

Very often we’re going through the motions, letting each day so quickly pass us by, that we forget to appreciate and cherish all that we have. Therefore I would like to share with you some Moments of Happiness – and they don’t even cost a thing. ;-)

1. The smell of fresh flowers – In spring and summer the edges and road verges are full of beautiful flowers. Pick a wide bouquet the next time when you go bike riding or go for a walk. Cow parsley is lovely! Take the flowers, put them in a vase on your table and you’ll enjoy the outdoor feeling inside your house as well. :-)

2. Give yourself a relax moment – Turn your bathroom into a hammam or spa and take some time for yourself. After a long day or a busy work week the bathroom is a peaceful place to relax.

3. Take a walk – Go out for a walk in your neighborhood and see the world through the eyes of a stranger. It’s surprising how much new and/or special places you’ll discover when you look around with real attention.

4. Listen to your favorite music – Check that CD or search for that song on your smartphone. Listen to your favorite song(s), sing out loud and dance as though nobody is watching you. :-)

5. Enjoy an extensive breakfast – When everyone left the house, treat yourself to an extensive breakfast. Enjoy the smell of fresh coffee, tea or orange juice in the morning sun. Love it!

6. Go travel out of your chair – The world is full of beautiful places and to enjoy the beauty all around us, you don’t always need to travel the world. Read a travel story, a travel blog or take a look at stunning pictures on Pinterest and get inspired. You dream away and feel like you’re in another world for a moment.

7. Share your happiness moment – Share your happiness moment with your partner, mother, brother or sister or close friend. Happiness feels better and more real when shared.

8. Organize a spontaneous picnic – Check what’s in your fridge, collect some snacks, grab a soft plaid and go outside for a picnic. In the garden, on the grass, in a park, in the woods, in the dunes or in a field somewhere. Enjoy!

9. Get up early and go outside – The silence on the street, the sunrise, the waking up of nature. Those first hours in the morning give you energy for the remainder of the day.

10. Give a compliment or smile – It feels good to give compliments. When you feel that someone deserves a compliment and you give it to them, you become happier. When you see somebody else sparkle, you’ll sparkle yourself a bit too.

“It’s not how much we have, but how much we ENJOY, that makes HAPPINESS”