Don’t Hurry, Be Happy!

In our world where everything is a rush, where we try to put as much into every minute of the day as possible, where if we are not busy, we often feel unproductive and lazy.

Last week I realized again that there is more in life than increasing its speed. And no, it’s not the first time I realize it. ;-) Sometimes it seems that life was easier when we were young. But the truth is, life is still easy. The only difference is we’re older, and the older we get, the more we complicate things for ourselves.

If we are constantly rushing, think we need to respond to e-mails and chats immediately, we will miss out on life itself. Fact is.. the only person who hurries YOU is yourself. As a reminder I felt it was good to think about it and to share my thoughts and tips.

  • Life as a whole is better if you take it easy, slow down a bit, not feeling forced to respond immediately, get offline, free your mind, go outside, look up at the sky, take in the beauty of the real world, disconnect to reconnect.
  • Have a good balance of what you want to do and what you should do. Don’t talk yourself out of things that will make you happy just because you think you should.
  • Do less. Pick 2 or 3 important things and work on those first. Give yourself time to focus. Focus on quality instead of quantity. Handle important two-minute tasks immediately. Do one thing at a time and give it all you got.
  • Communicate. Don’t try to read other people’s minds. Don’t make other people try to read yours. Spend time with people who matter most to you.
  • Let go of things you can’t change. Concentrate on things you can. And above all follow your heart. Don’t waste your life fulfilling someone else’s dreams and desires.
  • Be curious.  Don’t be scared to learn something new. Explore new ideas and opportunities often.
  • However good or bad a situation is now, it will change.  Accept this simple fact. Make mistakes, learn from them, laugh about them, and move along.
  • Set priorities for yourself and act accordingly. Do more of what makes you happy, take the time to enjoy the moment and appreciate every moment.

So … note to self: Relax, slow down, take it easy, breathe in life and enjoy the day! :-) Don’t Hurry, Be Happy!