Beat the Autumn Blues and get energized!

The days are getting shorter and darker. The leaves are blowing off the trees and the temperature is dropping. I love the stunning colors of the leaves in the trees – turning from green, to golden, to red. The crisp, misty mornings.

However, I always have to get used to this time of year. Let’s call it “a little dip in mood”. Feelings of nostalgia for the summer just passed. Here are a few of my tips for beating those Autumn blues:

Live in the moment! This sounds easier than it actually is. :-) Give our full attention to what we are doing. Not being distracted by things we have to do tomorrow. Let those thoughts go and focus on what is (not what was, or what could be). You’ll be much happier if you give the moment your full attention! This is my most important learning point for now.

Make Plans! There’s a lot to look forward to. Make some fun plans throughout the coming months. Plan a city break, organize a drink, lunch or dinner with friends/family, take a day off, plan to go to a theatre or a good concert, book your holiday for next Summer. Organizing is part of the pleasure and it’s amazing what a day of fun day out can do for the mind and soul.

Get together. Having a get together and a laugh with friends is a sure-fire way to make you feel instantly happier. Laughing and socialising together is proven to help boost your immune system and energy levels. Last Saturday I had a date with my best friend and I really got a lot of energy out of it!

Get physical. Whether you sign up to a pilates lesson or go outside for a walk in the park and get some fresh air – get moving! It’s easy to curl up on the sofa when it’s cold but if you’re feeling blue, exercise is key. When you get physical and stay active on a regular basis, it gives you more energy immediately afterwards.

Listen to your favorite music. Make a playlist full of songs that make you happy and play them whenever you feel a bit down, or simply when you need an extra boost.

Set up a goal! Start by achieving something small such as finally reading that book you’ve fancied for ages. After that it’s time to set a bigger goal, such as getting into yoga, learning a new language, join a photography club, do a cooking workshop or take up something new that you really like.

Be kind & help others. Being kind is a vital way of bringing meaning to our own lives as well as the lives of others. Research has shown that the thing that brings about more happiness than anything else is… to help others. Do a few simple things for others the coming months and check how you feel.

Smile! You instantly feel better when you smile. Smiling can boost our mood and release stress. When you laugh or smile, it triggers a part of your brain that actually makes you happy, even when you force it. ;-)

Eat well. As we always say, food is one of the main ways to make yourself feel happier. Eat fresh fruit and veg to ensure that you get lots of vitamins. Good nutrition is definitely a great way to help you avoid catching colds and other the nasty viruses that are floating about at this time of year.

Lastly, It’s the small and simple things in life that we should enjoy the most. The tiniest positive thought can really brighten up your day and by appreciating the good things, it is easier to forget the bad. Autumn brings with it so many lovely changes, just celebrate and embrace them! :-)